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Update February 2021

Dear Members,


With this monthly letter we want to update you with regards to the latest developments in our organization.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


European Championships Men, Women, U23 & Wheelchair Athletes:

In consultation with the Turkish Billiard Federation, it has been decided to postpone the European Championship again. After evaluating the current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided to postpone the event. However, it is planned that this event will be held in Antalya - Turkey in 2021. The new playing dates are now: 01.11.2021 - 11.11.2021.


European Championships U17, U19 & Girls:

The European Championship U17, U19 & Girls is still scheduled for July 2021. Preparations for the venue and the hotel are underway. We will start sending the information in early April.


European Championships Seniors & Ladies:

The European Championship Seniors & Ladies is planned for 2021 in Petrich / Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Billiard has now given the green light after talks with the



EPBF Sports Calendar:

As you maybe saw the EPBF Sports calendar is now updated. Since a few days the EPBF board does have their own access to make changes to the sports calendar. With the development of the new website and program it we didn’t have that possibility yet. This means that we will be able now to update information quicker. Therefore keep an eye on the sports calendar. It will be more up to date as it was.


EPBF General Assembly 2021:

Due to the fact that the EC Men, Women, U23 & Wheelchair athletes is postponed the EPBF board is looking if we have to move the EPBF G.A. along with the EC. As you probably know the EPBF statutes state that an EPBF G.A. should be held in conjunction with this EC now held in November.

We will keep you posted.


Euro Tour Events 2021:

As you know the first planned Euro Tour event Men & Women is cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The second Euro Tour, which will be held normally in conjunction with the EC, is moved to November 2021.

This means that we are planning now to have the first Euro Tour event Men & Women 2021 in St. Johann Im Pongau / Austria. Unfortunately we had to move the events a week forward because we did face a date collision with an WPA sanctioned event. After consultation with the host and the Austrian Billiard Federation the Euro Tour dates are moved forward one week.


EPBF Instructor’s education Program:

As mentioned in previous letters the EPBF board was underway to complete the preparations with regards to the EPBF Instructor’s education program. Unfortunately we do face the problem that, as you know, our main instructor, Jorgen Sandman, was involved in that devastating landslide in Norway around Christmas time 2020. Due to this we have to postpone the start of the project till further notice. Without Jorgen’s input it is not possible to finish the preparations.

We will keep you posted when we have more information.


EPBF / WPA Crowdfunding initiative:

Right after the devastating landslide in Norway the EPBF and the WPA started a joint venture project to help and support Jorgen and his family with a Crowd Funding initiative. Last week our press officer did send out a press release with the first result of this initiative. Until last week the sum of € 9.900,00 was donated which of course is great result but we hope that more will be donated in the upcoming period. Together with the WPA it is decided that this initiative will end at 20.02.2021. We will then inform the outside world what the final amount is and then we will transfer the amount to Jorgen and his family.

I want to thanks everybody already for their donation. It feels good to see how the billiards world comes together in times of adversity.


WPA World Championship Youth 2021:

The WPA did announce that the 2021 WPA WC Youth will probably be held during or in conjunction with the WPA WC 10-Ball men which will be held at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. The proposed date would be September 2021.


Hope we did inform you well for the moment. The next update letter will then be issued in March 2021.



Gre Leenders

President EPBF